Lucy B
Stan is extremely knowledgeable having lived in the area for many years. He showed us the highlights of who had lived where and places linked to specific events from the 60's. So much history in the area. Stan was friendly and engaging. he fed us a stream of facts and stories back-up with photographs. After 3 hours our brains were completely full :)
Leslie J
Stan’s wealth of knowledge about the area is astounding! He amused and informed us, and his warm personality made us feel like friends instead of tourists. We thoroughly enjoyed the tour!
What a great tour! Stan is an amazing guide who clearly loves his neighborhood and loves sharing it with others. It is one thing to hear about history from someone who has studied it - quite another to hear from someone who lived it! Stan is knowledgeable, personable, and a great storyteller! Highly recommend.
Stan bought a colourful era alive His passion for the hippy movement and the music was genuine and fun
This is a walking tour, of what San Francisco and the people were like, back in the days. The tour guide was friendly, had lots of information. The only problem was that the order of the tour and information given were often not in order, jumping over the place and back and forth, so it was a bit hard to keep track during parts of the tour. The structure of the tour would benefit from some re-organizing. I would happy to recommend this tour to anyone above the age of 35 or maybe 30.
I was privileged to be on a tour with Pam who has lived in Haight-Ashbury for 50 years. Such amazing stories. The tour was a great treat and very interesting.
The tour gave us a whole new insight into the Haight Ashbury neighborhood. Stan is a gifted storyteller. He shares his great knowledge of historical aspects of hippie culture generously and with many witty punch lines. We highly recommend the tour. Stan, thank you so much!!!
Stan is an incredibly lively, funny and knowledgeable guide who knows how to translate his great knowledge and experience from the birth of the hippie era to the present in an excellent way. He has lived in the area almost all his life and clearly knows every nook and cranny. We laughed, pricked up our ears and relived stories from our own youth in the 70s bringing to life celebrities like Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Grateful Dead. dStan treated us to several personal stories. Many of the houses Stan told exciting stories about, as well as sharing his knowledge of everything from heroin to botany. The trip was set for 2 1/2 hours. It took 3 - and could easily have lasted twice as long. Bravo bravissimo 6 dods if possible. THANK YOU.
Katelyn H
Stan was a great guide for our walking tour of Haight Ashbury. He was very knowledgeable and funny! We would definitely recommend this tour to anyone heading to SF!
Johnny Nonsuch
Our guide was insightful and entertaining and really brought the tour to life with first hand stories . A real blast from the past
Keri M
Stan was not just a tour guide. He lives and breathes the iconic neighborhood and brought it to life for us as well. I can't recommend Stan or the tour enough!
A really interesting tour. Our tour guide Stan Flouride was great. Really knowledgable and funny. We loved it.
Had an excellent 2.5+ hr tour with Stan - a good mix of history (all sorts) and contemporary knowledge from someone who is obviously a well-respected local. Highly recommended (by a 60ish guy, who was just a bit too young to know what the summer of 67 was all about)
Peter H
Stan is a very knowledgeable and entertaining guide learning the history of the area and of the people was great I would highly recommend this tour
We spent a very enjoyable and insightful couple of hours with tour guide Stan Flourride wandering round the back streets of Haight Ashbury soaking up the amazing history and counter culture of the area. Stan was very well informed and a great historian who was willing to share…
walking through the area with an insider. Pam, actually living there, charged with histories of her youth and neighborhood made us familiar with the political ideas of the hippie-movement and showed us the sights where "it" happened!
Good walking tour with overview of Haight-Ashbury and hippie culture with highlighted spots. The best part was going inside the museum (which Pam runs!) and seeing her personal collection of items from the 60s and 70s.